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Assessments for gifted and talented students

These programmes have a number of component parts:

  • A cognitive assessment to explore verbal, visual, memory and speed of processing skills.
  • This assessment provides an IQ Score and a profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses in the areas assessed.
  • A consultation with an educational psychologist
  • Development of a personalised Gifted and Talented programme that the school/family can use to further support the student
  • Completion of a comprehensive psychological report which may provide assess to additional resources or support

Assessing whether the school is right for your child

  • We will work with you to ensure the school is right for your child
  • We will ensure that you are able to access the relevant information that you need to make a decision
  • We also work with parents to prepare their children for the necessary interviews or tests required to gain access to the school of their choice

Anxiety, self esteem and well-being

  • We carry out a comprehensive assessment of your child’s self-esteem
  • We determine what areas of self esteem need further work – school, family or social self esteem
  • We assess the impact that low self esteem has on learning
  • We develop strategies for you and your child’s school to implement to improve your child’s self esteem
  • We develop programmes to reduce any anxieties that your child has about school to help ensure that your child finds school enjoyable

ADHD, Autism or High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome)

  • In typical programs we:
  • Work with parents and the school
  • Engage with the student
  • Develop a personalised profile of need
  • Design a personalised support programme with focused targeted teaching and learning activities
  • A detailed psychological report is provided at the end of the process

Screening for Developmental Delays and Emotional Adjustment:

We provide screening for developmental delays in social-emotional functioning, cognitive functioning, communication, adaptive behaviour (ability to cope with the environment) and physical development. The assessment process is helpful in determining eligibility for special education and planning support programmes. We also assist in identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses early on in life. We test for emotional adjustment and the need for behavioural, educational or psychiatric treatment in children. Such tests often form part of the package of assessments that we carry out as part of our parenting assessments in family contact proceedings, in personal injury claims or in cases before a special educational needs tribunal.

Behavioural problems

  • We are expert in reducing children’s behavioural problems, our package includes:
  • A classroom and/or playground observation of the student
  • A school based assessment 
  • Individual work with the student
  • A school based consultation (where the teacher or Special Educational Needs Co ordinator (SENCo) or Headteacher is invited)
  • A clear and comprehensive report and action plan
  • Development of an individualised programme that a Teaching Assistant/ Learning Mentor/ Special Educational Needs Coordinator at the school can deliver
  • Development of further targeted recommendations based on the consultation and assessment results.

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