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We provide invaluable information to the court in criminal proceedings. Our expert witness psychologists, psychiatrists and medical practitioners have extensive experience in preparing expert reports for courts - both for the prosecution and defence. Whether it is an assessment of a client’s competence to stand trial or an evaluation of underlying psychological disorders, our psychologists are able to communicate their findings in a manner accessible to the court and jury.

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Fitness to Plead and Suggestibility Assessments

We stand above other expert witness practices in that our Chief Executive is trained as a psychologist and legally trained.

We can offer a wide range of assessments both prior to conviction and post conviction including:

  • False confessions and assessment of suggestibility in police interviews
  • Fitness to plead (including intellectual ability)
  • Suggestibility - the tendency to be influenced by others and level of vulnerability
  • Management of sexual offenders in the community
  • Advice on the detection and management of psychiatric disorders by the police and prison services
  • Criminal responsibility and compliance in people with learning disability
  • Intelligence (IQ), fitness to pled, capacity to understand proceedings and capacity to predict the consequences of
  • The need for an appropriate adult
  • Defences of automatism
  • Determining whether the offender had the intellectual ability to understand the nature and quality of their act
  • Determining whether the victim had the intellectual capacity to consent (particularly in rape and fraud cases)
  • Strength of eye witness testimony
  • Neuropsychological assessments
  • False memory syndrome
  • Witness reliability
  • Analysis of ABE interviews
  • Assessment and diagnosis of psychopathy
  • Levels of depression, anxiety, social integration and skills, trauma, past events and other underlying psychopathology and psychological distress

Fitness to Plead & Unfitness to Stand Trial

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We accept funding from the Legal Aid Agency and we are normally able to see clients within a week of confirmation of funding. Reports are normally released within 14 days of assessment.

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