Medicolegal Psychologist - Expert Witness Assessments

Our medico-legal psychologist produces objective and impartial psychology legal reports for criminal, employment, civil, asylum and family proceedings.

Our medico-legal psychologist works with independent law firms, and government departments are working compass is child abuse cases, terrorism, slavery, torture and espionage. Work is compliant with the Istanbul protocol. Medicolegal assessments are often required by the court to resolve
medico-legal issues in cases.

Medico-legal Psychology

Medico-legal psychological assessments are carried out either as single experts in cases where we are jointly instructed by both parties and as an expert for either party in situations where each party wishes to instruct its own expert.

The medico-legal psychological assessments produced by our medico-legal experts are always unbiased independent and objective as our overriding duty is to the court. All our civil
medico-legal reports reports are compliant with Part 35 of the civil procedure rules. Our family reports are compliant with the Family Procedure Rules. Similarly, our criminal reports are compliant with the Criminal Procedure Rules.

Where Are Our Medicolegal Psychological Assessments Carried Out?

Medico-legal Psychologist UK

Here are some areas some examples of cities we work:

  • Medico-legal psychologist London;
  • Medico-legal psychologist Manchester;
  • Medico-legal psychologist Chesterfield;
  • Medico-legal psychologist Northwest;
  • Medico-legal psychologist Norwich; and
  • Medico-legal psychologist Aberdeen.

Remember, our medico-legal psychologist, provides medico-legal consultancy services across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We also carry out international
expert witness psychologist work.

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What Types of Medicolegal Psychologist Assessments Do You Offer?

Our Expert Psychologist carries out a diverse range of medicolegal psychological assessments. Our psychology medicolegal reports are crafted to the highest quality and are designed to be accessible to both those who have commissioned the report and other professionals. Clients are provided with a detailed psychological report and an executive summary, which draws out the key findings of the medico-legal report in a format that can be quickly understood by those with no formal training in psychology or law. Our medicolegal psychologist has worked on numerous high-profile cases. Our client base ranges from celebrities and multimillionaires to individuals who have severe learning impairments and are of limited means. We pride our self in delivering the same high-quality service to all of our clients, irrespective of their social standing.

Other examples of the areas that our medicolegal psychologist undertakes medico-legal examination for include:

We carry out a broad range of medico-legal investigations including risk assessments, parenting assessments, suggestibility assessments, mental capacity assessments, learning disability assessments, cognitive assessments, ADHD assessments and autism assessments. Medicolegal psychologist assessments typically include results of psychometric tests but also observations and analysis of documents. Our skill is in understanding how the law impacts on the issue that the medico-legal psychologist has been asked to assess and ensuring the medicolegal psychological assessment is robust.

What Age Groups Are Suitable for Medicolegal Psychological Assessments?

Advanced Assessments carries out medico-legal assessments for individuals below the age of one year right up to individuals in their 90s and beyond. Fewer psychometric tests are available for children under the age of five. Children under the age of five would not have passed through all of the necessary developmental milestones to diagnose some conditions accurately because children develop at different rates.

Nevertheless, in cases of severe impairment, there may be enough evidence to carry out a medicolegal psychologist assessment. Similarly, there are less objective psychometric tests available for adults over the age of 70. In these cases, the medicolegal psychologist would use a range of other techniques such as gaining information from individuals that know the person to be assessed well and carrying out structured interviews.

What Support is Available After A Medico-Legal Psychologist Assessment?

The medicolegal report is submitted by our expert witness psychologist; you will have the opportunity to ask any further questions of the medico-legal consultant to clarify matters in the report. Where the report is commissioned by a single party our expert witness psychologist will be available to meet with that party alone to discuss the report in more detail. In cases where the medicolegal psychologist report is commissioned by more than one party, the expert witness psychologist would carry out a joint meeting or correspond jointly with all parties. This will ensure that no one party has an advantage over another.

In some cases, it will be necessary to serve supplemental reports once the medicolegal psychologist report has been reviewed by the opposing party.

Our expert witness psychologist is always willing to attend court to expand on the findings in the medicolegal report. However, most cases settle on the strength of the medico-legal report without the medicolegal psychologist needing to attend court to give evidence.

How Much Will A Medico-Legal Psychologist Report Cost?

The cost of a medicolegal psychologist assessment may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the issues to be addressed. An indication of the likely levels of costs for each increase in the degree of complexity for assessment can be found by following this link.

medicolegal psychologists are exceptionally specialised and has extensive experience in providing reports for courts. We work for both claimants and defendants and carry out a significant amount of work where we are jointly instructed by both parties.

The medico-legal psychologist report can provide advice on prognosis, possible treatment, any additional assessments that need to be carried out and capacity. The reports can also include an action plan with achievable recommendations for supporting the individual who has been assessed.

Our expert witness psychologist has access to one of the most extensive libraries of psychometric test available; this allows our medicolegal psychologist to carry out assessments using state-of-the-art tests. We can quality assure our specialist medico-legal reports by evaluating symptom exaggeration and malingering.

Medico-Legal Psychology Services

Our medicolegal psychologist appreciates how difficult it is to deal with court cases. We pride ourselves on our sensitivity and understanding during assessments. We do our utmost to ensure that the person who is assessed is treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. We undertake to listen to each client who is being evaluated and customise the assessment to meet their individual needs and circumstances.

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