ADHD Assessments and Diagnosis in Nottingham: In Person and Online Private ADHD Testing

Our private ADHD Assessments for adults and children in Nottinghamshire can be delivered face-to-face or online from various London ADHD assessment centres.

Our top expert psychologists and psychiatrists provide excellent care and support for people with ADHD, including ADHD diagnostic Assessments, ADHD medication management, counselling and CBT, coaching and workplace needs assessments.

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Guide to ADHD Assessments and Support In Nottigham UK

ADHD assessments on the NHS often have very long waiting times. Private ADHD assessments can be produced much more quickly and to a high standard. We deliver a range of strategies to manage ADHD. Medication works best when combined with other strategies. When you have one of our assessments followed by a medication management programme, our psychiatrist can, under a shared care agreement, transfer the care back to your GP to prescribe and continue the medication once the correct dose is identified. .

ADHD Assessments by Top Psychologists in Nottinghamshire

Our ADHD assessments involve a detailed clinical interview with a very experienced Chartered Psychologist and completing the Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales (Second Edition) or Conners4 (for children) and the Behavioural Inventory of Executive Function. One of the rating forms can be achieved by someone who knows the person being assessed well. Additional rating scales can be provided for £100. Additionally, there is also an assessment of working memory and processing speed. Finally, there are observations of the examinee in the evaluation to see if their behaviour is consistent with someone with ADHD. We also provide free informant forms. We work with you to produce a detailed developmental history.

Following the assessment, the individual receives a comprehensive ADHD report, spanning about 30 pages. This detailed report not only includes recommended reasonable adjustments but also provides very specific strategies that the individual can implement to manage the symptoms of ADHD. The report is designed to equip individuals with the tools they need to treat and manage ADHD without medication.

Our comprehensive, high-quality Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity reports meet the rigorous standards of the Specific Learning Disabilities Assessment Standards Committee and the Joint Council for Qualifications Guidelines and the NHS. As such, they are suitable for use in education and employment. Our reports also meet the required standards of Student Finance England.

The cost of the ADHD assessment and report is £550, which can be conveniently paid in instalments when using PayPal. For those who require an urgent report within seven days, the cost is £1,100. We believe in providing flexible payment options to ensure our services are accessible to all.

Online ADHD assessments, conducted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, are a convenient and equally valid option. Rest assured, our online assessments maintain the same level of reliability as our face-to-face assessments. If you prefer a face-to-face assessment, there is an additional fee of £200 for the first hour and then £100 per hour for each additional hour.

ADHD Medication

If you require a psychiatrist consultation and medication for ADHD, the cost of each ADHD titration session is £300 per half hour.

Cognitive Assessments to Support ADHD Assessments

Many people will benefit from a cognitive assessment as part of an enhanced ADHD assessment. Our cognitive assessments help determine whether the individual has a learning disability and ADHD. With individuals with high IQ scores, the cognitive assessment can also help to identify disparities between intelligence and academic or occupational performance. The cost of a Level 1 cognitive assessment is £475 if the examinee requires a cognitive assessment to be released within four weeks and £950 if the examinee requires the cognitive assessment report within seven days


How To Find the Next Assessment Dates and Pay

For most assessments, you can book a date immediately and pay the fee by credit card by completing the ADHD Booking and Payment link: If you want to book an assessment and pay by bank transfer, you can book it online by visiting the following URL.

Coaching, Therapy, and Additional Consultation Meetings

We provide ongoing treatment through coaching, CBT, counselling, and tuition, which is charged at £100 per 30-minute session. If you require mediation, you must book a consultation with our psychiatrist following your assessment to obtain a prescription. The cost of the consultation is £300 per 30-minute session. In all cases where the examinee requires medication, we recommend that they tell their GP that they wish to exercise their right to have a private ADHD diagnosis. We can write a detailed letter to an examinee’s GP following diagnosis; the cost is £100.

We also provide tuition support with studies on coaching to improve executive function. Our charge for this service is £100 per hour.

ADHD Workplace Needs Assessments

Assessments for use in employment will incur a higher fee. We recommend clients book a Workplace Needs Assessment for £795 plus VAT to complement their ADHD evaluation. Find out more about our Workplace Needs Assessments here.

Example ADHD Report

We have attached a copy of an example ADHD diagnostic report with a level 2 cognitive assessment for your information. Download an example assessment from the following URL.

Support and Access to Funding if You Have ADHD

Our reports can be used to support reasonable adjustments in education, including extra time in exams, the Disabled Student Allowance financial grant in higher education and Education and Health Care Plans. Our clients also use our reports for reasonable adjustments in employment and to support applications for Access to Work grants. More information about our ADHD Assessments can be found by following this link

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ADHD Support Resources

“An ADHD test is used to determine whether the symptoms are ADHD or other conditions such as learning disabilities, dyslexia, reactions to significant life events, psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. These conditions may often coexist with ADHD. It is also essential to distinguish whether the individual has a behavioural disorder such as conduct disorder or oppositional defiant disorder. Finally, it is crucial to eliminate other medical conditions such as thyroid problems, neurological conditions, epilepsy and sleep disorders before a diagnosis of ADHD is made.”

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