Expert Psychologist Assessment of Depression for Criminal Defence by Psychologists In London and Throughout the UK

We carry out psychological assessments of depression and evaluate the whether the depression amounts to a complete or partial defence. Our expert psychologists assess the defendant's depression would have a should be a factor that the court should take into account in sentencing the defendant. We are particularly skilled in evaluating the role that depression has played in violent crime.

Depression Criminal Defence

Depression and Criminal Defence

Depression has been used as a basis for an insanity defence. Clinical depression, even when it is non-psychotic may provide enough ground for a legitimate excuse for criminal or otherwise immoral failures to act.

Our psychologist at Advanced Assessments Ltd will take detailed clinical histories and review the medical notes. We will also carry out a range of psychological tests to establish whether the depression was present at the time of the index offence or not.

Our expert psychologists process of collecting evidence might also include talking to individuals that know the defendant well so that we can gain corroborative evidence of the defendant’s mental state.

As we work across several communities, we are aware that in some cultures there is a greater reluctance to report depression to a GP or seek counselling and support from a mental health professional. Our expert psychologists’ extensive experience and unique understanding of working with a diverse range of communities provides us with the expertise to gain the confidence of people from all sections of society.

One important issue to determine when assessing a defendant who has depression and intends to use it as part of their defence, is to establish when they first became depressed. An expert psychologist must determine whether they had a history of depression prior to the index offence or whether their depression has been precipitated by the fact that they been apprehended for the crime.

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Depression Test

This Depression Test is used widely in the NHS

Depression and Violent Crime

In the past, there was research which attempted to link depression to violent crime. The study reported in papers showed that the numbers were tiny 3.7% of men and 0.5% are women. Those identified at risk where a small group of people with clinical depression who had related risk factors.

What the study failed to do was to determine whether there was a third factor which might have led to proportionately more people with depression committing violent crimes. Furthermore, the study was not representative in that it excluded large groups of depressed people. Additionally, depressed people were more likely to be convicted of crimes. The research does not prove people with depression have committed more crimes.

A further point to note is that it is plausible that it is the offending itself which stimulates the depression, rather than the depressing stimulating the offending. Indeed, many individuals with depression do not commit a violent crime.

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